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Top 10 boxer puppies for sale in ct You Need To Know

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Boxer Puppies For Sale in Connecticut: Top 5 Breeders! (2022)

The search for the best breeders with Boxer puppies for sale in Connecticut (CT) has been tough for many dog lovers because of the numerous breeders available in the state.

Boxers are great companion dogs, and they need to be raised with a lot of love and care. Many backyard breeders produce these dogs to make a profit, so they pay very little to no attention to the overall health and wellbeing of the puppies.

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Boxer Breeders in Connecticut

If you want to enjoy the natural traits of this dog breed, such as loyalty, smartness, protectiveness, and affection, you need to buy one from an ethical, well-established Boxer breeder. Here is a well-researched list of the best Boxer breeders in Connecticut.

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1. PuppySpot’s Boxers For Connecticut

PuppySpot's Boxers For Connecticut

PuppySpot is a terrific online platform that matches future Boxer owners with the right breeders and puppies. With over 200,000 dogs sold so far and 10,000 five-star reviews, they guarantee no puppy mills or scammers with their incredibly strict screening process, the best one in the country.

It includes over 100 criteria that less than 10% of breeders can live up to. They are also partnered with the AKC and American Humane Society, and they provide a 10-year health warranty on all of their puppies and a whole-body health check.

PuppySpot only lists puppies that have already been born on their website, and there are no waitlists, so you won’t have to wait long to get your puppy. Their website is very easy to use, scoring an A+ with Better Business Bureau, and they can deliver your puppy straight to you on their private airline that flies everywhere in the United States.

PuppySpot Details

  • Website: PuppySpot’s Boxers
  • Phone Number: (866) 269-1056

2. Skyview Boxers

Skyview Boxers 

After careful consideration and expert recommendations, the Skyview Boxers (SB) is our top pick. Skyview Boxer is the most popular Boxer breeder in this great city. This breeder is committed to producing and raising only this dog breed. If you are looking for very healthy and active Boxers, you can rely on this breeder.

They produce some of the best puppies in the state, and you can see all the amazing awards their dogs have on their website. SB was birthed out of love for this dog breed. The founder conducted extensive research about this breed before venturing into breeding.

She also works with a professional vet – Dr. David Mordaski, who has years of experience caring for different dog breeds, including Boxers. She employs professional ethics and industry standards and guidelines during the breeding process. Her adult dogs are perfectly healthy and without any genetically hereditary health conditions.

The vet runs a complete health exam on the dogs before producing any litter. The demand for this breeder’s puppies is high. She often keeps the first pick of a litter for a show prospect. Due to the enormous number of calls and emails she receives, the only way she could be fair is to take initial deposits.

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Hence, you need to make an initial deposit to secure your new canine friend whenever there is an upcoming litter. This breeder always plans its litter to support a healthy and strong line. She does not stress her adult dogs to prevent producing unhealthy puppies.

SB also health test the Sire and Dams for thyroid, heart, eyes, etc. All the puppies from this breeder come with a complete vet signed record, including Health Certification. The puppies also come with a one-year health guarantee against hereditary life-threatening defects.

This breeder makes it its responsibility to care for the puppies even in their forever homes. SB provides lifetime support, including instructions and advice on caring for this breed.

Skyview Boxers Details

  • Website: Skyview Boxers
  • Address/Location: Windsorville Rd, Ellington, CT 06029
  • Phone Number: (203) 915-7205
  • Email Address: [email protected]

3. CT Breeder

CT Breeder

Next up, we have CT Breeder. This breeder is renowned for producing and raising healthy and happy puppies in Connecticut. They have a large selection of wonderful purebred puppies for sale in this state. CT Breeder specializes in quality designer puppies as well.

The organization has more than 40 years of experience, and you can benefit from their expertise when looking for a Boxer puppy for sale. CT breeder offers a wide variety of services besides helping you find your new canine friend. They have an incredible team of talented and experienced trainers that can give your canine friend all the lessons they need.

The training team leaders are Gary Newman and Ivan Kovach, two reputable dog trainers in the industry. CT Breeder also provides incredible pet grooming services, ensuring your puppy is always nice and neat. If you are looking for the right pet products, you can also check out their store.

You will get a free lifetime dog-training program when you buy any puppy from this organization. They do that to create a lasting bond and always remain in touch with your new fur friend. CT Breeder caters to the general health and wellbeing of their puppies.

They administer age-appropriate and current vaccinations to all the puppies under their care. The puppies also get tested for different health conditions and given preventative shots before being released to their new parents. All the puppies come with the appropriate paperwork and health certification to show their current health state.

This premier pet store is in Norwalk, but its services extend to every part of Connecticut. It is less likely to purchase any unhealthy dog or one with a hereditary disease from this organization. However, in the event of such, the puppies come with a one-year health guarantee that allows you to return the pet.

CT Breeder Details

  • Website: CT Breeder
  • Address/Location: 48 Westport Ave Norwalk, Connecticut 06851
  • Phone Number: (203) 939-1964
  • Email Address: [email protected]

4. The Dog House

The Dog House

The Dog House also made it to our list because of the great line of puppies they have for sale. They offer a wide variety of dog breeds from the best breeders in the United States. You can rely on TDH for healthy, active, and happy Boxer puppies.

This organization knows how to care for these puppies, providing them with all the basics to live a healthy and happy life. One awesome thing about TDH is that they routinely check their puppies. They run full health checks for all their puppies before giving them out to their new parents.

The puppies also receive updated vaccinations to keep them in good shape and health. The Dog House has made it its priority to provide customers with only perfectly healthy puppies. They raise and train these puppies from birth until eight weeks of age.

TDH does not release puppies less than eight weeks of age. Within these eight weeks, they care for and provide basic training for the dogs. They also work on their behavior and socialization skills, ensuring the dogs are ready to transition into their new homes.

Click on the “Available Puppies” tab on their website to see a list of all the puppies available for sale. Interestingly, the services of this organization go beyond matching you with your new canine friend.

They also render daycare and boarding services for dogs. The organization has knowledgeable and experienced staff trained extensively in pet care. They are always available to answer any question regarding their pets or the breed you want to buy.

Even after purchasing a puppy, you can always return to them to take care of your dog when traveling for the weekend or on vacation (not for free, though). They have an incredible pet care facility and dog-loving staff to give your canine friend all the love, care, and support they need until you return.

The Dog House Details

  • Website: The Dog House
  • Address/Location: 120 Hale Rd Manchester, CT 06042
  • Phone Number: (860) 648-1514

5. All Pet Club

All Pet Club Boxers

Last on the list of the best breeders with Boxer puppies for sale in Connecticut is “All Pet Club.” If the above breeders are not close to your location, All Pets Club might be your final stop, as they have different locations across the city. All Pet Club is an all-breed store where you can buy puppies of any breed.

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This pet club has stores in four different places in the state – Branford, Southington, No Windham, and Wallingford. There is a higher chance that one of the stores is close to your location, so you do not have to drive a long distance to buy your favorite dog breed.

This store has more than 33 years of experience, and they work with only the best breeders in the United States. Their puppies come from only reliable and reputable breeders. They also focus on pet supplies, such as food, toys, treats, dog crates, bedding, accessories, etc. Most of their available dogs are not on their website, so you have to call or send them an email to see their puppies.

Their breeders are regulated, inspected, and licensed. This store does not shy away from sharing the health record of their puppies. As a potential buyer, you are entitled to see the puppy’s health certificate you want to buy. All puppies in this store only leave their breeders when they are old enough, immunized, properly weaned, dewormed, and passed vet health checks.

All Pet Club Details

  • Website: All Pet Club
  • Address/Location: 479 Main St Branford, CT
  • Phone Number: (203) 483-7387

Conclusion For “Boxer Puppies For Sale in Connecticut”

Boxer Puppies for Sale Connecticut (CT) - Top Breeders [2022]

With the top Boxer breeders listed above, finding the best Boxers for sale in Connecticut should be easier. Do not patronize suspicious puppy breeders. Ask for the full health information of the dog before buying.

If the breeder is reluctant to give you information about the dogs, they are hiding something. No trustworthy breeder would deny you access to vital information, especially if it is about the puppy you are interested in.

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Before you purchase your Boxer puppy from a breeder in Connecticut, you can learn more about this dog breed by watching “Beginner’s Guide to the Cane Corso” down below:


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Frequently Asked Questions About boxer puppies for sale in ct

If you have questions that need to be answered about the topic boxer puppies for sale in ct, then this section may help you solve it.

How much is a Boxer puppies?

Champion pedigree Boxer puppies will typically cost between $2,500 and $3,500 each

What are the 3 types of Boxer dogs?

As you can see, there are different types of boxers dogs including the three breeds or bloodlines of American boxer, German boxer, and English boxer, the fawn, brindle, black and white colors, and boxer mixes

Is a Boxer a good house dog?

Living With: The boxer has a high need for companionship and exercise. If these needs are not met, boxers can be destructive if left alone in the house. Boxers are ideal for people who want a canine companion with them most of the time or for larger busy families with homes that are often occupied by someone.

Are Boxers known to be aggressive?

Boxers can be friendly and gentle companions who welcome new friends and are kind towards children. However, boxers are high-energy dogs who require plenty of exercise to remain calm. Without exercise, they may become hyper or aggressive

Is a Boxer a high maintenance dog?

Boxer Care. The athletic boxer has high exercise needs and loves playtime. Proper training also is a must to keep the breed’s energy in check. Fortunately, the boxer is relatively low-maintenance when it comes to grooming.

Are Boxers well behaved dogs?

If the Boxer had a favorite song it would probably be ?We are Family.? The breed’s reputation as an all-around healthy, affectionate, even-tempered, athletic, and loving family member is well-earned, and it’s why the Boxer consistently ranks in the Top 10 AKC-registered breeds.

What 2 breeds make a Boxer?

The Boxer was bred from the Old English Bulldog and the now extinct Bullenbeisser, which became extinct by crossbreeding rather than by a decadence of the breed.

Can Boxers be left alone?

Boxers cannot be left outside unattended without access to the indoors for any considerable length of time. Not only are they intolerant to heat and cold, but they also have been known to escape yards in an attempt to find their people. Boxers are family dogs in both their social nature and their physical needs.

Do Boxers cuddle?

They are often referred to as ?shadows? as they will follow you around the house and mature faster than other dogs, slowing down around the age of three or four. Boxers will happily lay next to you and will fully embrace your cuddles after a long day of exercise which this breed needs a lot of.

How often do you bathe a Boxer?

Your boxer will need a full bath every few months with a mild dog shampoo. Bathing more frequently can cause dry skin and itching. Your boxer may get dirty in between baths, but usually a good wipe down with a wet washcloth will get him or her back into shape. You will also need to clean your boxers ears.

Are Boxers a bully breed?

Bully breed is a generic term used to identify a variety of terrier-type dogs such as American Pit Bull Terriers, Bull Terriers, Bullmastiffs, Staffordshire Terriers, Boston Terriers, Boxers and French Bulldogs.

Do Boxers need another dog?

Boxers do perfectly well as the only dog in the household. They have high needs for companionship and connection with their owners. As long as they’re getting plenty of attention, lots of mental stimulation and adequate exercise, they are more than content to by the sole apple of your eye.

Do Boxers get cold at night?

Since boxers are short haired dogs, they are more susceptible to cold than other breeds. Although some dogs love the cooler days and cold nights, most boxers are very social creatures and would much rather be inside with their family, regardless of the weather.

What breed is Scooby Doo?

Scooby Doo is a Great Dane, one of the biggest dog breeds. The character was created by Iwao Takamoto, animator at Hanna-Barbera Productions. Takamoto studied the breed when developing the character, but took plenty of liberties for the fictional series.

Do Boxer dogs cuddle?

Boxers are up-close-and-personal dogs that love to give and receive hugs. A well-adjusted Boxer will be affectionate without being overly clingy. Good breeding, socialization, training and house rules will help you put limits on your Boxer’s exuberance and make sure he expresses his affection in appropriate ways.

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