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French Bulldog breeder in Washington State with AKC French Bulldog puppies available for sale as well as stud service. Health, structure, and temperament come first and foremost when choosing mating pairs. We specialize in producing only the finest pure-bred AKC registered Frenchies with rare coat colors, small and compact structure, and affectionate personalities. We strive to achieve this goal of producing quality French Bulldogs through rigorous health and genetic testing and selective breeding.  Our vision is to provide homes with lifelong companions. To actualize this vision we established our world class breeding program with the highest standards to insure the absolute best circumstances for all of our puppies and adopting families. Our practices, our standard, and our vision combine to set our puppies apart from others, and the result is the time honored union of man and dog.


Pricing on puppies is determined by multiple factors including structure, coat color, pedigree, availability, and demand

Deposit to hold a puppy until ready to come home $2,000

Hand delivery within USA $1,000-$2,000

Stud Services with litter guarantee available Click Here

Breeding Rights with FULL AKC Registration is awarded on
a limited bases, starting at $10,000

Breeders Consultation $350/hour paid up front

Payment accepted: Zelle, certified bank check, cash, bank wire, PayPal (friends & family)

French Bulldog breeder holding four French Bulldog puppies

NW Frenchies French Bulldog breeder with her pack of breeding Frenchies

As a reputable and compassionate French Bulldog breeder, we pride ourselves on the health testing, beauty, and personality of our Sires and Dams. Thoroughly vetted breeding stock, along with over a decade of experience, research, education, and a dedication to bettering the breed, sets our puppies up for success with their new families. 

We incorporate the principles taught by Dr. Gale Watkins through the AviDog University, cultivating our puppies’ confidence through proper socialization. Meaning, that our puppies grow up in my, and my children’s arms. They are provided with age-appropriate enrichment which ultimately gives you the most balanced and well-behaved adult French Bulldog. We dedicate our lives to cultivating a well-behaved and loving member of the family that will provide you with comfort, humor, and companionship for many years- and this is priceless.

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Lilac fawn French Bulldog stud open for stud services

NW Frenchies offers stud services to approved females. Our Sires offer the finest combination of bloodlines and are fully health tested. NW Frenchies Teddy Bear Misha is a fourth-generation NW Frenchies line that offers priceless structure, pedigree, and color. He has completed and is cleared for hip and elbow x-rays, thyroid blood panel, patella grade, heart auscultation by a veterinary cardiology specialist, and eye exam by a veterinary optometry specialist in accordance with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals guidelines health testing. He is also a five-panel cleared for the genetic diseases HUU, DM, CMR1, JHC, and C3.
Misha features include thick legs, wrinkly forehead and large head, large paws, short back, open nostrils, and clean breather, no allergies, a perfect tail that doesn’t stick out, well placed, and deep-set eyes, and most amazing laid back, loving personality. He is the ideal representation of every quality a French Bulldog should have. Misha has fathered many healthy litters.

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Litter of lilac French Bulldog puppies newborns

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Litter of lilac French Bulldog puppies newborns