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Top 10 shaved border collie before and after You Need To Know

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Be sure not to shave your…

One very important point: avoid shaving your border collie. Not only is it unnecessary (thanks to spring shedding, this dog has no trouble keeping cool in the summer! ), but shaving your border collie can actually cause irregularities in the way their coat grows, and when it grows back in, it may be patchy and uneven.

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In general, should Border Collies get haircuts?

Generally speaking, border collies shouldn’t be cut because doing so could affect their coat during the winter and reduce their warmth and protection. If you decide to clip your border collie, the hair won’t grow back in the same way and could cause problems.

There is an “optimal length” for dog fur.

If a dog has a tail that is typical of a border collie, it will likely grow back to normal within three to six months after being cut. Dog fur has an “optimal length” that it prefers to be, and when it is cut, it will grow relatively quickly until it reaches that length.

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It’s also possible to shave a double coat.

The texture and color of a dog’s coat can change, making it appear patchy and unattractive, when a double-coat is shaved down to the skin because the undercoat hair will grow back faster and occasionally crowd out the slower-growing guard hairs.

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